Bread Club

by Bread Club

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Recorded at Underdoom! Studios by Jason Hallyburton in the month of March, 2012. Additional mixing by Bread and Drew. Thanks to Bread, Drew, Robin and Jason for the gang vocals. Huge shout out to Little Caesar's Pizza.


released 31 March 2012

David - guitar, vocals, drums on track 7
Devin - guitar
Taylor - bass, vocals, guitar on tracks 1, 8, and 13
Jeff - drums



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Track Name: Ballad of Yee
is there no limit to your greed?
now you can buy your way out of everything
we all see through your twisted creed
you'll leave the whole world knocked down, floundering.

you've got no allies in your ring
for more power they'll do anything
no life is sacred, no war too long
i think that we're all sick of it.

every time that you go to sleep at night, i hope you think of those who died for your money and your pride.
Track Name: Teh Punx I No
lots of time and lots of thought
to myself but im not
gonna stay this way im gonna win this once

all the time in the world nowhere to go
i spend all of my time alone
and every time that i think i'll let you know
every single time i think i let you go

is anybody there at all?

well the world wont stop for me and i've almost let you go
and im here with my eyes shut as you pass me by
and im spending all my time alone
and i know ill never let you go

i dont see i wont see i cant see im nothing
Track Name: Metallicat
ive said too much. you think it's tough, and that's enough.

we're all tired of this act so now it's on to the next one.
we've all got our scripts to follow, we've all got our wounded honor.
Track Name: Day
i am a waste, i am expired
my intent is empty, my life is on fire
and i feel miserable, inferior and worthless

are you sad? are you unhappy? im not. not unhappy just unsatisfied.
are you sad? are you unhappy? im not, until i say goodbye to everyone.

i can relate to songs about tough love, it's all you've ever given me
you can't relate to songs about lost love, it's something you've never felt
but i swear for all my pretenses and posturing and lies
i swear to god i think i could love you

wasting time, cant fall asleep tonight
don't want to face the day
this is what it's like to hate yourself
Track Name: Ghost of Jeff Wilson
i walked across the field into your arms, i never saw you
and in our blindness we walked with no aim in mind
and on the hill where i've always been alone, where i almost hung myself
we shared our warmth, like i want to now, but you dont come here
you're distant now
and we spilled our hearts like im doing now, but you'll never hear
you're no one now
and i know that it's probably for the better that we go our separate ways
but i want it to be different.

so it's comforting to know that no matter what you do, how much you fuck up, you can always end it all. because if it's just a game to you, count me out.
Track Name: Bread Club Live at the Hard Rock Cafe
i like to tell myself that anxiety wont get the best of me
i like to tell myself that pessimism wont consume my being

it's not your fault that you're the smarter of us two.

and i let infatuation take ahold of me
not like you, you're so above everything
i reach out and get nothing, get up hoping for something
i'm no one i'm nothing, and you're still above it all

i know the things that they say, i think about it every day
i feel distant and detached, it's the only feeling that i have left
so whose to blame and why complain when everything will stay the same?
i am a fuck up and i'm ashamed
it's not my fault that i am this way.
Track Name: Untitled
lying in bed, cant sleep yet
but i cant stay awake forever

when i sleep i miss out
late bloomers late for everything

in nowhere, with nothing, im no one.